Bros is an independently produced sitcom that has reached national acclaim since its debut, having been featured on the front pages of The Huffington Post, FunnyOrDie, Buzzfeed, TV Guide, Metro New York, and covered internationally as far as Grazia Paris and Playboy Brasil.

A second season of the series was launched via a successful Kickstarter in 2016, and the production team's effort to push the show into the arena of network television has boldly continued since. 

Supremely well-done. I laughed out loud many times and you should be super fucking proud of this project.
— Thomas Woodrow
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We think you have a very valuable property.
— A big Hollywood TV exec
Bros may have just mastered girls better than Girls.
Bros gives Lena Dunham a run for her money.
— BUST Magazine
Very witty.
— Lena Dunham
Looks way party.
— Andrew W.K.
Bros is what we imagine would happen if Lena Dunham wrote for Jersey Shore
— TV Guide
Bros is the new Girls.
— Huffington Post
The Series About Your Life
Laughed so hard I thought Iā€™d get an aneurism.
— Greg Palast, Journalist, best-selling author