You’ve got talent, Tony!
— Meir Ribalow

Anthony was born in Brooklyn, raised in Orange County, New York, and, ever since picking up his mother’s camcorder in the second grade, he’s set out to pursue a career in film and television. After earning a B.A. in History and Communications & Media Studies at Fordham University, he immediately set out to put his intellectual accomplishments to the test with a stint working as janitor and doorman in New York’s Upper East Side. After that career path met a tragic dead end, a random phone call from a former coworker brought him into the world of commercial advertising, where through a sort of proximal osmosis, he began to hone his skills in production, creative ideation, branding, and viral marketing (the latter most recently demonstrated with this widely-circulated Miley Cyrus-themed Tumblr).

Now, with his years of production experience in commercial advertising accompanied by his background in news, journalism, and political activism, Anthony has developed the unique ability to blend the borders between mass entertainment and harsh reality, happily towing the thin satirical line between fact and farce. His work combines an astute sensibility for predicting cultural trends with a set of subtle, yet uncompromising humanistic values, all accentuated by a genuine appreciation for anything and everything ridiculous. As an writer, director, and actor, Anthony seeks to deliver some degree of virtue in all of his work – often including the inherent value of laughter for laughter’s sake.

When his webseries Bros went viral back in April 2013, Anthony took a “hiatus” from his career in Advertising, and following a brief trip to Kazakhstan (that journalism thing), he set out to pursue his creative work on a full-time basis. He currently works as a freelance editor, producer, videographer, and copywriter, all the while putting much blood, sweat, and proverbial financial tears into transforming his hit webseries Bros into a network-ready sitcom. Now, with a pile of scripts in hand, he’s recently relocated to Los Angeles to further his career in film and television.

For fun he enjoys Seinfeld reruns, electronic dance music, and debates about humankind’s global economic trajectory.

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